Christmas Exhibition

Christmas 2020 sees the 23rd Annual Christmas Exhibition from Centrepiece become an online event!

Following a year that has proved difficult for many, the Centrepiece makers regrettably have had to make the decision that hosting a physical exhibition this year will not be practical or viable.

We will really miss the buzz of having you all visit us in person, having the opportunity to chat with you and see you feel and try on our jewellery.

But fear not, like many events this year we have decided to take our show online!

We still want you to be able view and purchase beautiful and crafted jewellery from the makers you have supported over the years so will be holding a virtual event on Thursday19th November from 10am – 10pm.

How can you join the event?

You will need to have an account on Facebook or Instagram and follow Centrepiece Jewellery.

(Click the icons below to visit our pages)


Six of our members will be participating and will post images, share videos and host live sessions where they will show you their at home display of Jewellery.

You can view products, comment and interact with each designer maker as well as have the opportunity for special discounts on the day or buy one off pieces. You do not have to be present and online for the whole time but can dip in and out and catch up on new posts when it is convenient for you.

Each maker will highlight how you can make a purchase if you wish to do so. This might be through direct messaging or by heading over to their website, with items being sent to you in the post.

To make the most of the online market you’ll need to have a Facebook or Instagram account, but you could also click on the individual designer/maker’s website or contact them directly via email.

Who’s Jewellery will you be able to see?

Six of our Jewellers will be participating, click their name to view their Centrepiece profile.

We hope you are as excited as we are to bring you this new event and look forward to engaging with you safely online.

 Sian Elizabeth Hughes

  Andrea Jones

                                                                      Ria Poynton

  Ginny Puzey


Miranda Sharpe

Glenn Campbell