Christmas Exhibition


Centrepiece Jewellery Collective are exhibiting at REP Theatre, Birmingham, for 2019.

Opening times: We have had to adjust previously advertised opening times due to restricted access and hope this won’t be an inconvenience for you.

Tuesday 10th December 10am-5.30pm
Wednesday 11th December 10am-5.30pm
Thursday 12th December 10am-5.30pm
Friday 13th December 10am-9pm
Saturday 14th December 10am-9pm
Sunday 15th December * CLOSED*
Monday 16th December 11am-5.30pm
Tuesday 17th December 10am-5.30pm
Wednesday 18th December 10am-5.30pm
Thursday 19th December 10am-4.30pm
Friday 20th December 10am-9pm
Saturday 21st December 10am-9pm
Sunday 22nd December 1.30pm-3.30pm

If you were planning on making a special journey to see our showcases of locally handmade jewellery, outside of the new opening times, please get in touch with us and we can still make this happen by emailing: 

Location:  REP Theatre, Birmingham, B1 2EP

Click here to Get the direction to The REP

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