Charlotte Lowe

Charlotte Lowe’s collections of handmade jewellery celebrate today’s special moments with the memories that will always matter. Inspired by the joys brought to us through the simple moments in life, each piece is designed to be cherished forever. With a wide selection of uniquely styled silhouette designs depicting moments shared between family and friends.

Established in 2009, Charlotte Lowe works within Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter, mastering the art of etching, to bring you stunning collections of handcrafted silver and gold jewellery. Their timeless treasures are beautiful little reminders that you can keep close to your heart forever to evoke memories of precious moments together.

In addition to their extensive range of jewellery, Charlotte Lowe, also works to commission handcrafting beautiful items of jewellery from your own photographs. See your photographs transformed into one of their iconic silhouette designs or have your photographs turned into a detailed image with the surface of sterling silver.

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