Dovile Kondrasovaite

The central concept of my jewellery is time and natural ageing processes. This is shown through the use of hand-carved amber and wood, their interplay, giving a sense of the growth to the wearer.  My task is to make an object which itself cannot be measured clearly within a timescale. The shapes I am making could look like driftwood or a still growing structure. To me, ageing is an absolutely gorgeous process which naturally creates such great lines no matter if it is my face getting wrinkles, a tree bark or a bud of flower starting to bloom or even a coming wave. It could take seconds or centuries.

The materials I have chosen to work with have gone through long ageing processes until they have reached my hands as natural raw Baltic amber and bog oak and other naturally black hardwoods. Amber as a material is deeply rooted in my Baltic identity and, sadly,  is not a self-renewable resource. Its overuse within commercial mass produced jewellery design has inspired me to explore the material within my own work with a hope to modify the image of amber and to use it in a more considered and contemporary way.

I bring wood and amber together into sculptural shapes. The visual confrontation of hard black wood and fragile amber and dynamic volume creates intriguing dialogue. Every design in shaping comes spontaneously without sketching or modelling. It is a satisfying journey following the very special material and my inner mood. Sometimes it goes into a very dramatic structure sometimes turn into a still and light design.

Over the time and with wear the objects will change, the surface may rub off, may crack and polish naturally. It is sustainable jewellery, which after wearing could be dropped into the bog or the sea again to continue the processes.


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