Isabella Hart

Being of Chinese origin, I am very much interested in oriental art and culture, namely Chinese and Japanese.  I made a study of Japanese paper – washi.  The many different ways paper can be used to make items, from handicrafts and toys to vessels and waterproof garments fascinated me.

My line of enquiry for this project derived from paper and paper crafts.  I explored the different ways of folding, like origami, to create 3-D objects from a 2-D form.  I also like the simplicity of Japanese Zen art, consequently I want my work to be simple, crisp and clean. The resent range of work, I drew inspiration from the decorative concertina paper. I like its geometric patent which could be fluid as well as regular. Using advance technology I created structures which previously cannot be constructed.  The delicate forms are both strong and light weight and it is with this design, Highly Commended was awarded in the Moissanite Competition and was also short listed for the BJA Kayman’s Award. Based on this structure, I have also created a set of chess pieces which was selected to be exhibited in the Goldsmith Hall in London.

I have also represented Brilliantly Birmingham, a City Council funded project, to exhibit in the Milan Fashion Week, in Italy, bringing jewellery designers in the Midlands of the UK to worldwide attention, Subsequently, I was also invited to exhibit at the More Designer Club, Fiera Milano International, Milan, Italy. | 07973 353 977