Melanie Ankers



A Silversmithing and Jewellery graduate from the Jewellery School in Birmingham, England, Melanie makes use of sterling silver, gold plating, oxidisation and vitreous enamels, to produce a sophisticated colour palette and range of subtle surface textures in her pieces of jewellery. She creates ethereal yet wearable unique pieces of jewellery ranging from everyday glamour to catwalk drama.

Over her 14 years as a jewellery designer Melanie has built a reputation for creating beautiful pieces with a modern twist, considered design and exquisite craftsmanship. Her work has been shown in many prestigious exhibitions and she sells through select galleries and jewellers.

“Increasingly I’m becoming fascinated with the rhythm and cadence given to a piece by repetition of a simple form, and how colour can flow through a piece and transform it utterly.” The pieces are textured and formed using traditional and modern innovative techniques, making them incredibly tactile and often incorporating mobile elements, allowing the wearer to interact with the jewellery and bringing each piece to life.